Football’s Hottest Wives 2011

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Now is the time to vote for the NFL’s Hottest Wives sponsored by Fantasy Football Sideline. Take a look at the candidates below and vote for your favorite by online voting or text message voting.

Winner will be announced prior to the Super Bowl.

Laurie Schaub, wife of Matt Schaub, returns in 2011 to defend her crown as “Football’s Hottest Wife” 2011. For five seasons, our brother publication Fantasy Baseball Dugout has provided us with Baseball’s Hottest Wives.

Football fans can vote for their hottest wives via internet vote or through text message voting provided by our friends at

Hot NFL Wives – 2011

Now, the moment that you’ve all been waiting for. The final nominations are in and we have our Sweet 16 for Football’s Hottest Wives 2011.

Matt Schaub's wife

Laurie Schaub (Matt)

Laurie Schaub — Text HOTTEST 1 TO 84444

Quentin Jammer's wife

Alicia Jammer (Quentin)

Alicia Jammer — Text HOTTEST 2 to 84444

Julie Dorenbos

Julie Dorenbos (Jon)

Julie Dorenbos — Text HOTTEST 3 to 84444

Antonio Gates wife

Sasha Dindayal (Antonio Gates)

Sasha Dindayal — Text HOTTEST 4 to 84444

Carrie Prejean Kyle Boller wife

Carrie Prejean (Kyle Boller)

Carrie Prejean — Text HOTTEST 5 to 84444

Candice Crawford, Tony Romo wife

Candice Crawford (Tony Romo)

Candice Crawford — Text HOTTEST 6 to 84444

Kristin Cavallari Jay Cutler wife

Kristin Cavallari (Jay Cutler)

Kristin Cavallari — Text HOTTEST 7 to 84444

Evelyn Lozada, Chad Ochocinco fiancee

Evelyn Lozada (Chad Ochocinco)

Evelyn Lozada — Text HOTTEST 8 to 84444

Amanda Brown, Peyton Hillis wife

Amanda Brown (Peyton Hillis)

Amanda Brown — Text HOTTEST 9 to 84444

Donald Driver wife Betina Driver

Betina Driver (Donald)

Betina Driver — Text HOTTEST 10 to 84444

Tom Brady wife Gisele Bundchen

Gisele Bundchen (Tom Brady)

Gisele Bundchen — Text HOTTEST 11 to 84444

Stephen McGee wife Brittany Koehl

Brittany Koehl (Stephen McGee)

Brittany Koehl — Text HOTTEST 12 to 84444

Christy Oglevee Chris Cooley wife

Christy Oglevee (Chris Cooley)

Text HOTTEST 13 to 84444

Heather Mitts AJ Feeley's wife

Heather Mitts (A.J. Feeley)

Text HOTTEST 14 to 84444

Jason Taylor wife Katina Taylor

Katina Taylor (Jason)

Katina Taylor — Text HOTTEST 15 to 84444

Kim Zolciak, wife of Kroy Bierman

Kim Zolciak (Kroy Bierman)

Kim Zolciak — Text HOTTEST 16 to 84444

Aaron Ross wife Sanya Richards

Sanya Richards (Aaron Ross)

Sanya Richards — Text HOTTEST 17 to 84444