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Why are golf balls white?  Why should they be?  There is color in the clothing worn by golfers.  So, why not use yellow golf balls?

I tend to be somebody who doesn’t like to follow all the rules.  So, I don’t just automatically go out and buy white balls for golf.  I feel the same way about the shirts that I wear with suits.  Who says they all need to be white?  I don’t think they have to be white.

As long as they are premium golf balls, why do I care what their color is!  If somebody came out with a study that said you will win more golf games if you use white balls, then by all means, I’ll be buying white all the time.  But, nobody has made such a claim so I’m going to continue to use yellow, green, blue, or whatever color golf balls are offered.

Because the color of the ball makes no difference in your score, but it does in how you look.

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