Fantasy Football Enthusiasts vs. Sports Handicappers

July 24th, 2015

The line between fantasy and reality is being blurred by the rapidly ­growing Daily Fantasy Sports market, offering fans a chance to not only build the team of their dreams and test their football knowledge but earn big money by playing fantasy sports against other passionate pigskin aficionados. In fact, fantasy footballers are more like sports handicappers than ever before.NFL fantasy football handicappers

Fantasy sports are nothing new to the mainstream, stemming from those hallowed Rotisserie League days in the 1980s and booming in popularity at the turn of the century. Much like sports betting, fantasy football gets fans to not just tune into their favorite NFL teams each Sunday but also watch games involving different players on their fantasy rosters. And, again like sports betting, managing your fantasy team – daily or season­long – takes a keen eye to spot value in certain matchups that may not be visible to the average fan. Fantasy football is one of the most underrated places to find sports betting tips, and vice versa.

For example, sports handicappers may look to play the Under in a contest in which a team’s passing game is facing a stingy secondary that ranks among the top pass defenses in the NFL, knowing that the offense won’t be able to pick up big gains and will likely have to run the ball more than usual – keeping the gains short and the clock ticking.

The fantasy football player sees this matchup in a similar light, spotting added value in the offense’s running back, knowing the team won’t be passing as much and giving the rusher extra carries to try and move the chains while taking pressure off the receivers and forcing the defense to loosen up on the pass coverage.

One of the biggest trends in fantasy football in recent years is the shift away from the rushing game, with most teams using a multi­back run attack, and the boom in passing. Since defenses are all but handcuffed when defending receivers, more importance is being put on quarterbacks and wideouts – but also running backs who can make plays after the catch. Finding a hybrid running back, that can run the ball and also make catches, is a smart way to win your weekly or daily fantasy football matchup.

After the Super Bowl: Marshawn Lynch, Danica Patrick, Charles Haley Still Making Headlines

March 25th, 2015

Marshawn Lynch, Danica Patrick, and Charles Haley are still making headlines after the Super Bowl with some occasionally shrewd, and occasionally not so shrewd moves. Lynch, for one, has filed an application to trademark his “I’m just here so I won’t get fined” catchphrase, while Danica Patrick has spoken out to defend her un-aired Super Bowl commercial and Charles Haley has said that ‘cheating’ Tom Brady’s Super Bowls were all tainted now.

Marshawn Lynch, Seahawks RB

Marshawn Lynch, Seattle Seahawks

Marshawn Lynch and ‘Fines’

Marshawn Lynch fielded almost 30 questions on the Super Bowl media day — and answered them all with the identical response: “I’m just here so I won’t get fined.”

The phrase became somewhat famous, and now the Seattle Seahawks player has decided to try and make money off his reticence. He’s filed an application with the US Patent and Trademark Office to trademark the phrase.

The move would allow him control over baseball caps, athletic shirts, beanies, hooded and fleece pullovers, hoodie sweatshirts, long- and short-sleeved T-shirts, and track jackets which are sold with the phrase “I’m just here so I won’t get fined” printed on them.

The move isn’t new for Lynch. His portfolio so far also includes trademarks on the phrases “About That Action, Boss” and “Beast Mode” — the former being one of his few comments in the runup to the Big Game. He’s maintained he’s all about the action on the field, that is what people with Super Bowl tickets have come to see, rather than talking on a podium.

Lynch is apparently contemplating retirement after he finishes his four-year and $31 million contract playing for the Seahawks.

Danica Patrick Defends Her Pulled Ads

Danica Patrick holds the record as the celebrity who has appeared in the largest number of Super Bowl ads in history. However, after animal rights groups criticized this year’s GoDaddy commercial — which talked about selling pets online — the company pulled it, and it didn’t run. Now Patrick has spoken out to defend the ad.

Speaking at the Daytona 500 media day, the racing driver said they simply thought it was a “really funny” joke, and it was simply that people nowadays had an opinion on everything, especially when you get into “that world of animal rights or tree rights, or whatever rights.”

Pet lovers found the commercial offensive while others suggested the spot (which showed a lost puppy that managed to get home, and was then sold online using a website built with GoDaddy) promoted online pet sales.

Patrick said that she is a dog lover and had purchased her miniature Siberian husky online.

Charles Haley Says ‘Cheat’ Tom Brady’s Super Bowls are Tainted

Charles Haley, who won a record winning five Super Bowls while playing, also recently told Talk of Fame that Tom Brady’s record will always be tainted by “Deflategate,” where it was discovered that 12 New England Patriots footballs were underinflated in the first half of the game.

“Nobody believes it was by accident,” Haley said. Compared with Joe Montana, Haley said, “Joe did not have to cheat.” He continued and explained that once a player’s integrity has been challenged in football, “all his Super Bowls are tainted.”

Haley said that the scandal is going to come back and haunt Brady some day, even if the league doesn’t punish him. He added that he hoped the truth of what actually happened would come out, so the mystery would be gone.

An Introduction To Playing Fantasy Football Leagues For Real Money

March 4th, 2015

You have been watching football for years. When it’s NFL season, you couldn’t care less if you are running behind on errands or your office productivity is slipping, all you care about is the scores and standings. You have gained an uncanny ability to pre-meditate the performance of players and teams. It’s time to put the money where your passion is and start playing Fantasy Football!football money

Some schools of thought consider Fantasy Football to be a game of luck and categorized as gambling but there is a growing community of people who play Fantasy Football on a professional level and make a consistent income which indicates that it is more than luck. While there is no way to be completely certain on how players will perform; with enough experience and calculated risk it is possible to consistently have a positive streak. Fantasy Football is not a get rich quick scheme, but for a Football enthusiast, it can certainly be a dream job. Let’s look at some tip to get you started if you are interested in raking in some cash with virtual Football:

Start with virtual currency

No matter how great you think you are, if you are just starting out, it is always recommended to begin with some virtual games to get a feel of how Fantasy Football works. Once you are confident, you can slowly move up making small bets. Many people make the mistake of signing up and investing a large sum of cash only to find that they have lost it all a few days later.

Invest a large sum in the beginning

Most of the top, reputed Fantasy Football websites offer a deposit bonus. Remember this bonus is only a one-time thing so it’s best you make use of this and deposit as much as you can so that you will have enough cash to put into your Fantasy Football leagues.

Overall Research

if you are planning on getting into Fantasy Football, you probably already have a fair amount of knowledge on the leagues and players but no amount of information is too much when you are looking to ace the art of playing Fantasy Football. Spend a considerable amount of time daily looking into trends and statistics and eventually you will become more of an expert on the game.

Even out your betting

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. While it makes sense to focus just on the top performing teams and players and bet big, in the long run, it would make sense to invest a small percentage of your available bank roll on lower tier players as it may turn a higher profit over time. Don’t overpay though, if another user seems to want a lower tier player at a higher price, don’t compete, let it go. The goal is to get the lower grade player at a minimal price so that it can be profitable to you.

The above are few tips to get you started with Fantasy Football. Over time, you may be able to master the game and rake in as much as fix figures a month like some of the professionals at the Fantasy Football game.

NFL Weekend Review: Winners and Losers from opening week

September 12th, 2014


 Erik Daniel Drost 

The 2014/15 NFL season has finally arrived and after months of drafts, trades and transactions, we were eventually rewarded with plenty of pigskin-throwing this weekend. While every fixture is a must-win as teams seek to win their respective Conference Championships, some teams had more pressure on themselves than others, as they sought an opening day victory. Here’s the winners and losers from the opening round of fixtures.

Cleveland Browns and Johnny Manziel
The Browns had a big wave of momentum and promise heading into the new season, but their week one performance raised more question marks than it did eyebrows in regards to how they will fare this season. The decision by Head Coach Mike Pettine to start Brian Hoyer on the road against Pittsburgh was bold considering the growing clamour behind Johnny ‘Money’ Manziel, although it seemed safe one. By half-time that decision was being intensely scrutinised as the Browns found themselves 27-3 down. But, Hoyer vastly improved his game in the second half to help tie the scores up at 27-27, although the Browns could not see out the impeccable comeback as they fell to a game-winning field goal from the Steelers.

Letting such an incredible turnaround pass you by with so little time remaining will be crushing for the Browns as they look ahead to their next fixture at home to the New Orleans Saints, while Manziel must be thinking that his luck is out and he may never take the starting quarterback’s jersey, given Hoyer’s emphatic second half performance. The Browns are considered the underdogs for next week’s contest, as they are priced at 10/11 with a +6 point line, while the Saints are priced at 10/11 to steal a victory over the Browns with a -6 point line.

New Orleans Saints
Speaking of the Saints, they too emerged from the opening round of fixtures in the loser’s column, as they suffered a 34-37 defeat to the Atlanta Falcons, despite having the initiative in the game. They should have done better against a Falcons side who had a less than impressive season last term. The Saints are now under immediate pressure to see some strong results this season and in truth, they should have won this contest.

Ray Rice, The NFL
Video evidence finally emerged showing Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice assault his now-wife in an Atlantic City elevator back in February and this is certainly bad news – for both the player and the NFL. While Rice’s reputation is now tarnished and he has since been released by the Ravens, the league is also coming under intense focus given the initial punishment for Rice was a small two game ban and the fact they didn’t do enough to try and obtain the video when this case was first handled. It remains to be seen what Rice’s punishment will be but one thing is for sure, it seems he is looking at a lot more than a simple two game ban after this.

Manning ready to move on from Super Bowl disappointment

April 20th, 2014

Peyton Manning has insisted he is ready to bounce back from a shocking end to last season and help the Denver Broncos put their Super Bowl humiliation firmly behind them. There had been many who believed Manning was set to retire after Super Bowl XLVIII after the quarterback admitted he could see the “light at the end of the tunnel” of his playing career, but the 13-time Pro Bowler has come out fighting in his first interview since the Super Bowl.

Peyton Manning super bowl vs seahawks

OMAHA: Peyton’s Super Bowl fumble.

With odds of around 6/1, Denver will begin the new season widely tipped to reach a second successive Super Bowl, but a lot will depend on whether their star quarterback can rebound from last season’s disappointments. Manning may not have been the only Broncos player who failed to play anywhere near their best in the Super Bowl defeat to the Seahawks, but the quarterback came away from the game shouldering the majority of the blame.

While the 38-year old was widely-criticised for his performance in the Broncos’ 43-8 thumping at the hands of the Seattle Seahawks in last season’s Super Bowl, Manning doesn’t appear to have lost his desire for the game and has insisted he and the rest of the team are determined on leading the Broncos back to the Super Bowl this season.

“Absolutely, that’s what I want to do. That’s what the Denver Broncos want to do. I’m glad to be a part of a team where that’s what they want to do. I want to try to do my best to do my part. Keep myself in good shape and get on the same page with my receivers.”

Despite his below-par showing in the final game of the season, Manning’s sensational form throughout the year showed he is still one of the best quarterbacks still playing in the NFL. Following surgery on a neck injury in early March, Manning has returned to pre-season training and has already begun working with the Broncos receivers ahead of a new campaign.

“I feel that I have a responsibility to the team to be on top of my game, and that’s what I think about every day when I go over there to work and lift weights and throw with my receivers — doing my job to help the Denver Broncos. It’s up to the players to put in the hard work in the weight room, in the film room and on the practice field to try and be a better team this year,” said Manning.

After returning from injury, Manning has linked back up with a Denver squad containing a number of new faces that arrived following the Broncos being given a decent salary-cap position despite their 13-3 record in the past two seasons. Emmanuel Sanders, DeMarcus Ware, Aqib Talib and T.J. Ward have all arrived in Denver from the free agency, and there is still a long way to go before the Broncos will have a clear indication of what next season’s final roster will look like.